Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 2017 Testing, Schedule Change and other News

Ethan Cowart with instructors Karen Johnson and Dwight Stevens

 Kicking off Summer

Eleven-year-old Ethan Cowart started his summer by earning his deputy black belt in testing recently at the Stevens Point YMCA.  Cowart demonstrated 5 taegeuk forms, advanced kick combinations and his sparring skills.  He also broke a board with a back spinning sidekick.

Other taekwondo students from Stevens Taekwondo Academy also tested successfully for color belt promotion.  Elizabeth Murray won the first place trophy and high yellow belt Kaleb Bicknase earned second place .  The trophies are awarded for excellence in the testing.
Kaleb Bicknase and Elizabeth Murray

Grand master Dwight Stevens was assisted in the judging by senior masters Mark Henkel and Karen Johnson.  She is the owner and master instructor of the Stevens Taekwondo Academy:  a New Way of Life on Isadore Street.


Changes in Schedule

Dr. Stevens has announced two changes to the year's schedule:

The August promotion testing will be conducted on August 10, starting at 7:30 p.m.

There will be a two week break after the last class, on October 19, of the first fall session: the second fall session will begin on November 7, and end December 14. 

Black Belt News

Former assistant instructor senior master James Henkel visited in June and brought his young children to class.  The third generation of Henkels is learning kicks.

Any visiting black belts are welcome to stop by evening workouts, or send news of their training, jobs or family to Master Hilde Henkel,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Scheduling Change, please note

This fall, due to Halloween falling on a Tuesday, the break between Fall Session 1 and 2 will be TWO WEEKS.  This means that the Fall Session 2 will begin on November 7 and run until December 14, not as previously published.  Please let folks know about this change!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 2017 Testing and News

Twenty- five martial artists earned higher rank in the April  promotion testing at the Stevens Point YMCA, with four taekwondo students achieving black belt levels.

Luke McChrystal earned his third degree black belt with a sharp performance of the taebek form and demonstrating advanced kicks and sparring skills.  McChrystal snapped a board easily on the first try with a speed break using a back spinning hook kick.

Jessica Tomaszewski and mother-son duo Carrie and Gavin Murray achieved deputy black belt level with their demonstration of kicks, five taebek forms and advanced sparring.  Tomaszewski persisted in her efforts even after an injury delay and broke a board with a back spinning side kick.  Carrie Murray used an inside crescent, back spinning side kick to shatter her board on the first attempt.  Gavin Murray chose a challenging jumping back spinning hook kick for his board break, held by his father, third degree black belt Dan Murray Jr..

Michael Buchkowski, owner and master instructor at North Star Taekwondo Academy in Wausau, wowed the audience with his demonstration of a palm heel break of six concrete patio blocks.

Three taekwondo students took home trophies for excellence in testing.  Father-son duo Bill and Nathan Gerbode, both new yellow belts, won the first and second place trophies respectively.  High yellow belt Owen Yach earned third place.

Master instructor Dwight Stevens, assisted by senior masters Mark Henkel and Ron Locascio, judged the students from the YMCA Stevens Taekwondo Academy and Stevens Taekwondo Academy A New Way of Life.  Visiting masters Jerry Hajewski and Shawn Strunsee of the Milwaukee area also assisted.

Black Belt News

Third dan black belt John Paul Bunn was honored as the Volunteer of the Year by the Stevens Point YMCA recently.  Bunn clocked more than 160 hours of volunteer work in 2016.

Senior masters Mark and Hilde Henkel distributed information about the Stevens Taekwondo Academy taekwondo program at the YMCA Community Family Fair recently and are available for similar activities to publicize the program.  Many of the visitors at the table did not know that the YMCA had taekwondo classes, but a few of the parents mentioned attending when they were students---and were invited to return. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 2017

Cabrini Brandl, Dan Murray, Dr. Stevens

Skill, focus and effort led to success at Stevens Point YMCA recently when taekwondo students tested for new belt ranks.

Two martial artists achieved new black belt rankings.  Dan Murray Jr. earned his third degree black belt with  his demonstration of advanced kicks, sparring and the taebek form.  He broke a board with a back spinning hook speed break. 

Killean McGuire, Landon Bicknase, Caden Yetka, Dr. Stevens
Cabrini Brandl joined the black belt ranks as a deputy black belt with her performance of  five taegeuk forms, advanced sparring and kicks.  She used a working step back spinning side kick for her board break.

Three of the color belt candidates were awarded trophies for excellence in testing.  Green belt Caden Yetka won first place, yellow belt Landon Bicknase earned second place and yellow belt Killean McGuire took home the third place trophy.

Dwight Stevens, grandmaster of Stevens Taekwondo Academy, judged the testing, assisted by senior masters Mark Henkel, Bill Dragolovich and Ron Locascio.

Schedule Reminder for YMCA classes:  

Winter Session II began February 21.  There is a spring break scheduled so NO classes on March 21 and 23.  The session ends April 6 with belt promotion testing on April 9 beginning at 12:30 pm.

No classes April 11 and 13

Spring Session begins April 18 and ends May 25.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 2016

Dr. Stevens,Krishiv Sreejith, Brayden Charneski, Alicia Rucker

Austin Lowe, David and Lillian Caldwell

Local taekwondo students from three schools demonstrated improved skills at the YMCA recently, and earned new ranks including three black belts.   Grandmaster Dwight Stevens, assisted by senior masters Mark Henkel and Ron Locascio, judged the martial artists from Stevens Taekwondo:  A New Way of Life, the UW-Stevens Point taekwondo program and the YMCA Stevens Taekwondo Academy.

Eleven-year-old Krishiv Sreejith earned his first degree black belt, with his demonstration of  advanced kicks, four taeguk and the koryo forms and sparring skills. Sreejith smashed a board with a working step back spinning side kick and then answered extensive questioning on the  forms, history and tenets of taekwondo.

Brayden Charneski and Alicia Rucher joined black belt ranks as deputy black belts following their performance of advanced techniques, sparring skills and five taebek forms.  Charneski and Rucker each easily broke their boards with a working step, back spinning side kicks.

Three of the 35 color belt candidates won trophies for excellence.  New yellow belt Austin Lowe won first place and father-daughter duo David and Lillian Caldwell earned second and third place as they achieved high white belt rank.

 ****Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2017*****

Class Schedule for YMCA 

No classes for the rest of 2016

JANUARY 3                         New session begins
FEBRUARY 9                      Last class of the session
FEBRUARY 12                    BELT PROMOTION TESTING – 12:00 registration
                                                12:30 – 4:30 p.m. testing

                                                NO CLASSES – February 14 and 16

FEBRUARY 21                    New session begins
                                                NO CLASSES – March 21 and 23- SPRING BREAK
APRIL 6                                Last class of the session
APRIL 9                                BELT PROMOTION TESTING – 12:00 registration
                                                12:30 – 4:30 p.m. Testing

                                                NO CLASSES – April 11 and 13

APRIL 18                              New session begins
MAY 25                                 Last class of the session
                                                NO CLASSES – May 30 and June 1