Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 2017

Cabrini Brandl, Dan Murray, Dr. Stevens

Skill, focus and effort led to success at Stevens Point YMCA recently when taekwondo students tested for new belt ranks.

Two martial artists achieved new black belt rankings.  Dan Murray Jr. earned his third degree black belt with  his demonstration of advanced kicks, sparring and the taebek form.  He broke a board with a back spinning hook speed break. 

Killean McGuire, Landon Bicknase, Caden Yetka, Dr. Stevens
Cabrini Brandl joined the black belt ranks as a deputy black belt with her performance of  five taegeuk forms, advanced sparring and kicks.  She used a working step back spinning side kick for her board break.

Three of the color belt candidates were awarded trophies for excellence in testing.  Green belt Caden Yetka won first place, yellow belt Landon Bicknase earned second place and yellow belt Killean McGuire took home the third place trophy.

Dwight Stevens, grandmaster of Stevens Taekwondo Academy, judged the testing, assisted by senior masters Mark Henkel, Bill Dragolovich and Ron Locascio.

Schedule Reminder for YMCA classes:  

Winter Session II began February 21.  There is a spring break scheduled so NO classes on March 21 and 23.  The session ends April 6 with belt promotion testing on April 9 beginning at 12:30 pm.

No classes April 11 and 13

Spring Session begins April 18 and ends May 25.

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